Hickerson v. Yamaha

Without regard for truth or justice, and through a deliberate distortion of the law, defense lawyers for product manufacturers have successfully hijacked the current state of product liability law in South Carolina. Oral arguments in the Hickerson v. Yamaha case are set for December 6, 2017 in Richmond, Virginia. Links to briefing below:

Appellant Hickerson’s Brief

Appellee Yamaha’s Response Brief

Appellant Hickerson’s Reply Brief

Will the Fourth Circuit put a stop to this nonsense? Stay tuned.

12 Year Old Sustains Severe PWC Orifice Injuries

On August 19, 2015, 12 year old Lexis L. of Little Falls, New York sustained severe perianal lacerations when she fell off the back of personal watercraft and landed in the path of the jet thrust from the PWC’s jet propulsion system. Her father was operating the 1994 Polaris SL 650 at the time of the incident, which occurred on Hinckley Reservoir in Hinckley, New York.

Mazzola Law Firm will be handling this matter in collaboration with Baker & Zimmerman, PA.

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